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標題: then ... Got left you an out [打印本頁]

作者: knjljnsj    時間: 2013-5-30 16:12     標題: then ... Got left you an out

I said. Satiated after I got up on the floor, went to the bedroom, sat down on the bed cross-legged,cheap nike air max, I now want to Healer put out, I come up with that can the magic Shendan thinking mind. Benz door pushed open down three people, Diao Hua,Oakley Frogskins, Liu Wan and Huang Liang, Diao Hua gray jeans and black stand-collar jacket dress, figure, though a bit thin, but Pompous, with panache and style I mountain big brother, he hair shaven become almost bald, and only left a little black and blue on the slippery head, the eye is not very God, very black nose, some hooked, others saw you feel that this is one not to be trifled figure. Two older brother of the hand shake in front of the hotel, and walked side by side inward, and a minute later, the hotel entrance squeak sound stopped a Sondheim sodium taxi, Zhao chenshi and Ye Ru also just arrived at the two hand in hand The Hotel Shop red carpet toward the door walked to the door, never seen such luxurious places the Zhao chenshi sigh was so big and so beautiful a hotel to spend how much money, it is estimated that two in the village of Three Mile village cooks hog all sold, it is not enough, right, at this time he is really like a strange, feminine garden like look around the next the beautiful leaf Ru no attention to his actions, she was holding a mobile phone to ask his father in the first floor or second floor to determine the second floor on the floor, pulled her boyfriend go.
Then, in the eyes of jade if everyone even Murong home crowd shocked or puzzled man even took a deep breath, and then shouting out: Little Happy Palace is closing out this person here. Everyone if want a piece, then ... Got left you an out, since you are rushing to die, then you go die! Yang Chen sudden storm since gurgling sound, accompanied by his fast-moving blur body, instant grab to Ziyang front, in Ziyang spend the least amount of effort before the full exercise our powers to kill. The means Henli, calculating the deep, vicious, so many people of the frown..
this is not I was wrong. What, you say you do, you actually have another woman, what you say, you have nothing to say, oh! dragon and phoenix gas not resistant, feeling a little irritable, fire gods. Kaplan turn off the flame Queen things in the original plot, so I after he left his remote control flame Queen devices to interrupt, at a distance regression time, there are ten a few minutes, when, suddenly, the Queen of the flame in the main control room, do not know why is closed, crawling claws quickly penetrate the steel door to door after more than a dozen centimeters, some crawlers that huge body from the glass windows of the opposite steel door anticipated seeped out several more loud noise, the steel door had the whole deformation crawler that huge sharp claws the power really is a terrorist, even abruptly over ten centimeters steel plate tear off, bang bang, crawling stormed into the laser tunnel, Oriental Xin and XX (The girl new) found the laser tunnel useless, immediately rushed down the sewer, ready to catch up with you in order to seek protection, I crawler rushed Li Yuan fatalistic did not move, can not wait for us to hear the news of the death of Oriental Xin and XX, you believe this? those reptiles who burst into the main control room, a miracle happened, those reptiles frantically rushed roaring loudly, the rationale ignored we went straight down the drain because we have guns, zombies outside we stand in the door ten minutes, I and Li Yuan this miraculously survived you? Are you how to survive? immediately in the wake of Wu Hai Li took has been restored to good and just wake up still on the ground on your head (loaded) said excitedly talking him 'thrilling' encounter ..... the Li or face Qianbian kind of a you how alive eyes looked at me, who then said: You can be lucky to see it back to Wu Hai, I is not the case, we follow the protagonist into the sewer, and soon hit the zombie group originally hit zombie is very relaxed,jordan femme, but suddenly rushed out a few reptiles, a dead snakes attack, last I death, a mercenary captain primer walking, appears to be mercenary captain bird crawling kill the rest of the protagonist respective escape, since then,jordan pas cher, the protagonists and I got separated, and later encountered a few reptiles, a fight to the regression time to reach back However, Li one began to say when the tone fairly stable, the longer it darker the face, the more teeth, not to see why, as if someone gives him with a green hat look, why have and .....

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